Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Visual Perception Activities

What is visual perception? Some students have difficulty with focusing their eyes. This can impact them in the classroom in a variety of ways. Below is a list of activities that can be done with a student to strengthen their developing visual skills.

  1. Mazes: have the student work a variety of mazes. This will have the added benefit of strengthening fine motor skills also.
  2. Matching, sorting, and labeling objects based on color, shape, size, function, etc.
  3. Sorting and labeling pictures.
  4. Hidden pictures: have students find objects hidden in a picture, like the Where's Waldo photos.
  5. Matching objects to outlines drawn.
  6. Memory games using a small selection of picture cards, and finding pairs.
  7. Spot the Difference: find differences between two photos
  8. What Did You See?: Show 2-5 objects for 15 seconds, cover them or take them away, and have the student recall what they saw.
  9. I Spy: Play the I Spy game. Have the student point to the item that you have named.
  10. Dot-to-dot exercises
This is just a partial list of many activities that can be done to strengthen a student's visual skills. Remember: vision is not just a matter of can they see or not, it also includes tracking skills, focusing from near to far, and many other skills.

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