Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reading Strategies: Read a Picture

There are many different reading strategies that can be used with students.  An activity that is good to use with pre-emergent readers is called Read a Picture.  

You will need a  nonfiction picture book, dry erase board, and dry erase marker. 

This activity will use prior knowledge to add meaning to text.  It will also have the student look at picture clues to predict story content.

  1. Write on the dry erase board 2-3 vocabulary words from a nonfiction story.  Select words that connect to illustrations in the book.
  2. Show students each page of the book and have them use picture clues to predict information.
  3. Ask how and why questions.
  4. Read aloud and define the words on the board.
  5. Have students use the listed words to describe the book illustrations.
  6. Then read the story aloud.
  7. Have students compare their predictions to the facts in the story.

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