Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give me 5!

Attention-getters are an important part of classroom management.  These are items that should be taught to the class in the first few days of school and used with consistency throughout the year.  Here is one that I recommend.

Give me 5!
The teacher tells the class "Give me 5!" and the class immediately does the following:
1.  Eyes on speaker
2.  Quiet
3.  Be still
4.  Hands free
5.  Listen

If this is taught to the class at the beginning of the year and is an expectation, then the teacher will be able to gain the class attention easily in any situation.  I have also used :

Teacher says: "Alligator, alligator"
Class responds:  "Chomp, chomp" and can include a hand gesture of alligator jaws chomping.
The class is taught from the beginning that the expectation is to join in the choral response and then have eyes on me and voices off.  What have you used that has been successful????

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