Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do you have an app for that???

These days people seem to trade app names like kids used to trade baseball cards.  "Do you have this one?"  "What about this one?"  Those are statements I hear frequently in teachers lounges lately.  The National Center for Learning Disabilities recently published an article on apps for Androids.  It is titled, "Our Community’s Favorites Android Apps".  While I'm more of an Apple person, I don't want to leave out apps for those who use PC based apps.  What are some of your favorite apps?  Right now I'm loving Timer Touch 2 for my iPad.  It is a great visual timer for students. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Starting school: New rules and procedures!

Starting school is exciting! It is also a time for students to learn new rules and procedures from their teachers.  These rules and procedures will help students have a smooth and successful day.  It could be anything from "how to sharpen your pencil" to "how to walk in the hallway".   The questions teachers ask themselves is....how do I encourage my students to follow these rules and procedures?  This is where Class Dojo can help!  Class Dojo is a behavior management tool online where teachers can award students points for positive behavior.  The best part is it is free!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Teachers can take attendance, award points, and even run reports on behavior.  Parents can use a code to sign in and check how their child is doing in class.  Students can even get a code to check their own behavior and design a personal aviatar to be displayed with the class.  So take a few minutes and head on over to Class Dojo and see how it can help.