Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Suggested Academic Interventions

Teachers that I work with are constantly seeking new ways to provide interventions in the classroom for struggling students.  One thing to keep in mind is that students do not have to have an IEP through special education in order to receive classroom modifications.  The teacher simply needs to ensure they are documenting the interventions, consistently using the interventions, and that the parents are aware of the interventions.  We will be bringing you academic intervention suggestions throughout the year.  Let us know your success stories!

Academic Interventions for the General Classroom

1.  Provide supplemental materials.
2.  Individualized homework assignments.
3.  Change instructional pace.
4.  Reduce number of assignments by X.
5.  Open book tests (books,  notes, ect.)
6.  Reduce length of regular text.
7.  Use of more objective items (fewer essay responses) on tests/assignments.
8.  Give tests/assignments orally.
9.  Give take-home test.
10.  Reversals and transpositions of letters and number not marked wrong, only pointed out for correction.

Keep checking back for more as we continue to add to our list!

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