Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Encouraging a reader....

Teachers use many different ideas to encourage children to read. In meetings I am often asked though what to do about that student who needs to be on the move all the time, you know, the one with the motor stuck on "full speed" at all times. Here are just two of many ideas of how to incorporate movement with reading.

1. Take painters tape and tape a line or long box shape to the floor. This is the reading path. Allow students to take turns walking and reading in this designated area. By having an area set aside, it also helps to reduce collisions (hopefully!) since anyone walking past this area will know to expect a student to be in that space.

2. Scoot and read. Take a short book and copy the pages. Then either tape them in order around the room on the floor or low on the wall. Students are to sit cross-legged at each page and then "scoot" on their behinds to the next page. With younger students you could do this down a hallway that parents frequently walk down and encourage a family activity by having parents read with their children.

So have fun with these ideas and feel free to share any that you have tried and found to be successful!

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