Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Fridays

Fun Friday

We have found that some children have a difficult time earning the golden ticket to attending such wonderful events such as the infamous Fun Friday. In our line of work, we have found that our behavior intervention frequent flyers usually don't make it until Friday. Unfortunately, we have all observed that children who experience loss or difficult consequences either early in the day or week, will pretty much throw in the towel behaviorally. Sadly enough, children do not always grasp that the consequence is because of their own behavior, but will often react to the adult.  We have had much more success when reinforcements are positive.  Below is an example of a reward system to earn the reward to attend a movie at the end of the school week:

1.     The movie is divided into segments of time.

2.     Children in the classroom have a behavior that they are working on

3.     Each child at the end of the school day earns a specific amount of time to participate in the activity


5.     By the end of the week, the children should have been able to earn the entire amount of movie time.

Everyone is a winner!!!  No loss of privilege, no negative consequences, all children should have experienced some sort of success!!!  

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