Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tips for Parents and Teachers

Quick Tips for Parents and Teachers:

Along for the Ride
When traveling with youngsters in your car, keep them engaged and active by playing the "Alphabet Game" - Starting with the letter "A", the first person to find all the letters of the alphabet is the winner.  You can use license plates, street signs or buildings.
Also, have children see how many street signs they can read aloud.  

Mix it up!
If your children review information in several ways, they are more likely to remember it.  Have them use colored pencils to write definitions, create a song to remember the parts of a cell, or create their own flash cards to memorize the multiplications.

Practice Makes Perfect
Behavior management is important both at school and at home.  Remember to create procedures for getting things accomplished.  Teach these procedures like you would teach a lesson to your children, then have them PRACTICE it.  The more often the practice a good procedure, the more likely it is to become a good habit!  

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