Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Responsive Classroom

Murfreesboro City Schools uses Responsive Classroom for many reasons; classroom management, building community within the classroom, and introducing and practicing academic skills.  I was lucky enough to attend a Responsive Classroom 1 training this month led by trainer Edie Palomba.  We spent a very intense week learning how to frame a Morning Message and incorporate academic skills as we built community among the children.  You can find further information at www.responsiveclassroom.org.  I will be posting examples of Morning Messages that we developed during the training.

As you can see in today's training, the letter M was emphasized with a different color.  The linking verb "is" can be seen in a different color also.  This Morning Message is meant for a younger grade level, such as first grade.  It is in a simple format that repeats through the year.  

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