Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Responses and Question Strategies During Reading

The following are suggestions for responses/questions that teachers can use with students to cue them to use appropriate reading stratagies.  

1.  I noticed that you were thinking about the story as you were reading.  Good thinking!
2.  Does that (the word) make sense?
3.  Hmmm....Could that happen?
4.  Is there such a word as ______?  It sounded a little funny to me.
5.  You read "_____".  Is that right?
6.  Think about the story.  What would make sense? or What might happen next?
7.  Take a look at the picture.

Language Structure and Grammar
1.  I noticed that you were listening to yourself read to decide if it sounded right.  Great!
2.  Would that word fit there?
3.  Does that sound like talking in books?
4.  Try reading ahead for more clues.
5.  Let's read it again together.

Letter-Sound Correspondences
1.  You are looking carefully at the words while you are pointing to make sure it matches.  Great reading!
2.  What letters do you think you would see in _____? (beginning, middle, end)
3.  You read ____.  How does ____ begin (end)?
4.  Let's sound that one together.
5.  It could be ___, but look at the letters.  

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