Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cross-Checking & Self Correction Strategies

As a teacher, I was always looking for additional ways to frame questions to students so I wouldn't keep repeating myself over and over. By keeping it fresh, the students tended to pay a tad bit more attention to what I was saying to them. Check out the list below of responses/questions that can be used when working with a student.

  1. How did you know it was that word?
  2. You stopped for a moment just before you fixed that. What were you thinking?
  3. Is there any other way you could know?
  4. Can you find two ways to check that word?
  5. I noticed that you looked at the picture and used the first sound to read that word. Did you do anything else?
  6. That makes sense and sounds right. Now check the letter.
  7. What are some of your choices now? Which one, do you think, would work best here?
  8. Check to find out if what you read makes sense, sounds right, and looks right to you.
  9. Why did you stop there? What did you do to fix that part?
  10. You decided to reread that part to get a running start to check that word. Did it work?
  11. I noticed that you were looking at the pictures to help you change the word that didn't make sense there.
  12. Did I need to help you with that? No, you thought about it and corrected yourself.
These are just a few examples. What are some that you use with your students?

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  1. Great tips...maybe we could together to help our students