Thursday, April 30, 2009

Need some humor?

Our district has been administering it's state mandated testing this week.  So we have been in need of some humor around here!  So I got out one of my favorite books and thought I would share a few comments from it.  I have the 1,003 Great Things About Teachers by Lisa Birnbach, Patricia Marx, and Ann Hodgman.  

Things Teachers Know That Ordinary People Don't (pages 97-102)
1.  Facts about the Industrial Revolution besides the fact that industry got started then.
2.  When the Bill of Rights was written (and exactly what it is).
3.  What "factors" are.
4.  How to make necklaces out of gilded macaroni.
5.  How to make paper mache.
6.  The multiplication table past the sixes.
7.  When a haircut crosses that crutial line of being "over the collar".
8.  When a hemline crosses that crucial line of being too short.
9.  Who's already been line leader this week.
10. How to run a projector.
11. Whether 2.2 pounds equals 1 kilo or vice versa.
12. How to find the star in an apple.

I hope these made you smile.  Feel free to share any of your own "facts"!

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