Thursday, April 2, 2009

20 Simple Ways to Calm A Child

The following information was found on page 5 of the Spring 2009 School Specialty Sensory, Learning & Behavior Solutions Integrations catalog, written by Miss Sue and Team.

  1. Soften the lights.
  2. Bring the child to a less busy room.
  3. Have the child face a simple wall.
  4. Keep a "chill-out" space always available..know the signs before someone needs it.
  5. Be aware of temperature and make sure the child hasn't over-heated. If necessary, turn on a fan, remove a sweater, etc.
  6. Provide soft, slow, rhythmic humming, song, or music (no words), or metronome.
  7. Repeat an affirmation rhythmically, such as, "It'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay..." (no other talking on ANYONE's part until everyone is calm.
  8. Dampen extraneous noises by closing the door or putting headphones on the child and providing calming music.
  9. "Swaddle" by wrapping the child in a blanket.
  10. Rub or rhythmically pat the back firmly.
  11. Have child apply pressure by sitting in a bean bag chair.
  12. Have child sit in a rocking chair, bouncy chair, or on a ball chair.
  13. Trampoline, or if not available, jump up and down 10 times.
  14. Wall or chair push-ups.
  15. Offer something to suck on, like a hard candy, or a snack-sized applesauce, pudding, or yogurt to eat through a straw.
  16. Crunchy foods can calm. Try goldfish crackers, pretzel rods, or carrot sticks.
  17. Deep breathing....
  18. Blow whistles and march to music.
  19. Have the child blog bubbles.
  20. Chew on a "chewy".

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