Friday, January 16, 2009

Response to Intervention Tips for Parents

RTI Suggestions for Parents 

  • If your child wants to read to you, listen attentively.  If your child stumbles over a word from time to time, simply say the word. 
  • When your child reads aloud to you, don't try to use teaching techniques, such as "sounding out" words.  Instead, enjoy the story together, laugh over it, discuss the plot, praise your child for reading especially well, or for figuring out a word.
  • Give your child extra opportunities to read.  Let your child read the directions for a new game or the back of a cereal box.  Ask your child to "help" by reading a cookie recipe or traffic signs.
  • Introduce the public library.  Let your child choose books of interest, rather than choosing books you feel should be read.  Start a home library.
  • Let your child see you reading frequently, sharing choice passages with others, referring to books for answers.
  • Have a daily family reading time.
  • Take turns reading out loud every day.
  • Talk about family and community events.
  • Show your child how to listen, watch, and take turns while speaking.
  • Give books and magazine subscriptions as gifts. 
Thank you for being our partner in working with your child to improve their reading skills.  These tips were gathered from  

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