Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Basic Brain Gym Exercises

As promised, I am adding some tips from the Jane Bluestein training that I attended.  Today's topic is "Basic Brain Gym Exercises".  I have shared these exercises with several colleagues and they have been excited to see that they really make a difference!  The following information came from page 116 of the manual Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult Students.  

  1. Drinking water:  Water allows the body and brain to communicate.  It gives the brain an instant boost and strengthens the immune system.  Water also increases alertness, coordination, improves concentration and ability to focus, and improves academic performance and behavior.
  2. Cross Crawl:  Brain integration of left and right.  The right hand (or elbow) crosses over to the left side of the body to touch left knee.  Left hand (or elbow) crosses over to right side of body to touch right knee.  
  3. Brain Buttons:  Brain integration of front and back.  Thumb and second (or third) finger massage pressure points on either side of the breastbone.  Points are located between collarbone and first rib.  Place opposite h and on belly button.
  4. Hook Ups (for adolescents could be called Twister):  Brain integration of top and bottom.  Place hands back to back, with thumbs pointing downward.  Hold one hand steady and cross the other so that your palms are facing, thumbs still pointing down.  Link your fingers and turn your clasped hands down and in toward your body.  Cross your legs or your feet.  ALSO:  touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.


  1. Jane's great, isn't she? Have you been to her website at There are lots of free articles and stuff there.

  2. Thank you, yes we have. If you look to the right side of our blog there is a list of websites. Jane's website is listed under the Win-Win Classroom. If you have any other suggestions for websites please feel free to send them!