Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Pinterest fascination

About six months ago I heard about this webpage named Pinterest.  Hmmmm.....what could that be all about.  At first you had to have an invitation to join, but now just a Facebook sign in will do.  I signed on and pow!!!!!  Hours of my life were sucked in as I explored and pinned all types of wonderful ideas!  A reading board, math, special education, and several more were created as I discovered more and more wonderful things on the internet for work.  Here is one example:

Before I would bookmark sites and rarely go back to see them.  I'm a very visual person, so this type of bulletin board of ideas is perfect for me!  Have you joined Pinterest?  How have you used it in your professional life?  When I present professional developments for teachers, I often mention my Pinterest boards for education, reading, or even behavior.  Share in the comments!

(Pssssttt.....come visit my Pinterest at Dena Oneal)

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