Friday, May 4, 2012

Conflict Resolution in the Classroom

It is that time of year; state testing has just finished, the weather is warming up, and the arguements are breaking out between the students.  What is it about the end of the year that seems to attract the arguing behavior? 

The arguements aren't about anything huge or world-changing.  It's "You stepped on my foot!" or " Why are you lookin' at me?".  As a teacher, you aren't able to mediate each and every arguement.  You would never have enough time to teach if you did mediate everything! 

So the question is:  How can children mediate their own arguements?  There is a great article on the Responsive Classroom website that discusses this topic.  Just click on :  Responsive Classroom website.  If you have any additional ideas, please feel free to share them in the comment section.

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