Friday, April 1, 2011

Finding out book levels

Yesterday I asked my fifth/sixth grade students for book recommendations.  If they finish their work during reading group in an orderly manner and WITH manners then I read to them the last five minutes.  Surprisingly they love being read to even at their age!  One suggested A Case of the Stripes, another suggested Harry Potter, while another student suggested The Edge Chronicles.  I hadn't heard of the last series and the requirement is the book must be on a fifth grade level.  So I used my book leveler from Scholastic to find out the grade level of The Edge Chronicles.  Unfortunately for them that series is a 4.3 level.  So we will have to brainstorm some more.  If you would like to check out the Scholastic Book Leveler, just take a look at the bottom of this blog.  I keep the widget at the bottom of this blog.  Have fun!

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