Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auditory Processing- Possible Characteristics Checklist

 Auditory Processing Characteristics Checklist

Place a check next to the characteristics that you view in the student.

_____   Trouble paying attention to and remembering information presented orally
_____   Problems carrying out multistep directions
_____   Poor listening skills
_____   Needs more time to process information
_____   Confuses syllable sequences and problems developing vocabulary
_____   Difficulty with comprehension
_____   Trouble associating sounds with their meanings
_____   Misunderstand a lot
_____   Easily distracted
_____   Slow response to verbal instructions
_____   Trouble remembering things they hear
_____   Difficulty remembering people's names
_____   Trouble finding the right words to use when talking
_____   Unusual sensitivity to noise
_____   Difficulty sounding out new words
_____   Hearing clearly in noisy environments
_____   Confuses multi-digit numbers (such as 74 and 47)
_____   Confusing lists and other types of sequences
_____   Distinguishing difference between similar sounds (such as seventy and seventeen)
_____  Verbal (word) math problems are difficult
_____  Conversations are hard for student to follow
_____  Uses vague words such as "thing", "stuff", "whatever"
_____  Misinterprets verbal messages
_____  Tends to spell words phonetically
_____  Reads slowly and has poor reading comprehension
_____  Poor fine motor skills (using scissors, writing neatly, holding a pencil)
_____  Difficulty with concepts involving time, direction, or sequence
_____  Poor personal organizational skills
_____  Appears to make noise for noise's sake
_____  Talks self through a task, often out loud
_____  Appears confused about where a sound is coming from

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