Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using Songs As A Memory Booster

Using music as a memory booster can help many children.  How many of you learned how to spell bologna by singing the Oscar Myer song to themselves?  I know I did!  Teachers can use products such as School House Rocks! to teach the parts of a sentence.  There are many books out there who also have songs written to familiar music.  Here is one example from Memory-Boosting Mnemonic Songs Grammar by Pat Walz and Pam McLaughlin set to the music of "Pop Goes the Weasel".  The song is "Introducing Interjections".

"Ow!" is just a single word,
We call an interjection.
It states an emotion-how we feel.
Say it with inflection!

"Eek!  I see a really big bug!"
The mark's an exclamation.
Use a comma in "Whew, he's gone"-
A weaker situation.

This is just one example.  I'm sure many of you have created your own songs.  We would love it if you would share one in the comments area!  Have fun :)

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