Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using iTunes apps in reading

My district is a Mac district. All of the computers are Macs and we love it. I have been the owner of iPods since the beginning and have adored seeing how they have changed and grown through the years in capability. As someone who works with students who struggle academically I have struggled to find different ways to approach students so that I engage their interest in addition to helping them overcome learning difficulties. Today I hit the jackpot! I love iTunes apps. I'll admit it, I'm an app addict. I adore my iTouch and think every child could use one in the classroom in a variety of ways academically. Today I found 153 FREE APPS using materials from Reading!! These free apps allow students to use the reader books on their reading level on the iTouch (or if you are lucky, iPad). The list of apps can be found at The apps are through Language Technologies, Inc. So take a moment and go check them out. Don't just use the iPod for audiobooks, look into how an iTouch could be used with apps to work on reading skills. I know I will be looking into what else is in the app store!

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