Thursday, November 12, 2009

What can you do to encourage a reader?

Many times parents want to help their child to become a reader but are
unsure where to start. There are many activities that can be done at
home to support a child as they begin the experience of becoming a
reader. It can begin as easily as a parent talking with their child.
Parents can talk as you eat dinner, talk in the car about what you
each see along the road, or simply talk about the food you are buying
at the grocery store. Parents can ask questions that will encourage
their child to talk and not just give yes or no answers.

Start your own family book club. Time is precious for many families.
I have my children take turns reading to us in the car on the way to
and from school. We ask questions about what we have heard and
discuss the storyline and the characters. My children are excited
that I am interested in their favorite characters and can't wait to
read as a result.

When you are reading with your child take the time to point out and
discuss the front or back of the book, the title, and the author.
Discuss what the author does for a book. Have your child show you
where to begin reading.

As you read aloud, stop from time to time to ask your child about the
meaning of the book. Help them make a connection between the book and
their own life. Encourage your child to ask questions and retell the
story in their own words.

Parents need to remember that reading is not limited to books. Share
with your child magazines, newspapers, brochures, and other
materials. Including non-fiction materials is important.

There are many different activities a parent can do with their child
to encourage reading. The one's suggested in this article are just
the tip of the iceberg. What is your favorite activity? Add it to
our comments section.

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